What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a powerful, personal, confidential service that is designed to help you enhance, improve and transform your life - both personally and professionally. Simply put it’s about your future - helping you get to where you want to be. It’s about not wasting another moment feeling stuck, or unfocused, or uncertain - it’s about gaining confidence and clarity.

It’s a kick in the pants or a soft gentle nudge right when you need it. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy - which often has a focus on healing the past and addressing the now. Life coaching is all about helping you defining the future you desire, designing strategies to get you there, and helping you take meaningful action to achieve your dreams.


Is life coaching for you?

Here are just some of the goals you might have that I can help you with: 

Understand your unique life purpose
Increase passion and motivation
Employ strategies for accomplishing your creative dreams
Find balance in your life
Increase productivity and organization
Give more time to your ideas and creative aspirations, rather than someone else’s
Feel unstuck both personally and professionally
Gain confidence in yourself and your decisions


What’s life coaching like?

Life coaching is super convenient and can be conducted on the phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts. If you are based in New York, or traveling through the area, you can meet with me in-person.


How do I start the life coaching process?

Schedule an appointment for a Discovery session - this is the initial structured session that creates the foundation for our work together. We will focus on who you are at your very core, what’s most important to you, and what you hope to accomplish. We will explore values, purpose, creativity and expression, goals and more. At this session we can decide what schedule works best for you.


How long does life coaching take?

It is important for you to make a commitment to focus on you, your dreams, your purpose, and your daily happiness. We will approach our time together in three month increments, giving you time to understand what you want, set into motion the elements required to achieve it, and to celebrate your successes and reflect on how to move forward. You might find that one month together is enough time to kick you in the rear or that three months gives you the momentum you need or a year or more gives you the perspective you need to live you very best life. 

What’s far more important than the amount of time we spend together is your commitment to yourself and your future. My most committed clients who steadily work with me for a year or more, through challenging times and joyous milestones, have seen monumental break-throughs. There is something very special about having the chance to reflect back on a year with someone that can help you see how far you have come and help create a jolt of momentum to propel you out of areas that may have remained unchanged for far too long.


How much does life coaching cost?

Prices vary depending on the number of sessions and how long they are. 

First we will have a Discovery session and after that you can choose month by month or pay a discount for 3 months at a time. A Discovery session lasts for 1.5 hours and is $250 paid before our session.

Monthly rates include updates and spot coaching in-between sessions (via email). This helps you stay focused and keep your momentum going. Fees are always paid upfront on a monthly basis. If you prefer a discount you can pay three months at a time. Life coaching is an investment in your wellbeing and daily happiness - it will help you improve your productivity and make meaningful progress in achieving your dreams.

Typically people receive life coaching for up to 2 hours each month broken down into (4) 30 minute sessions, or (3) 40 minute sessions, or (2) 60 minute sessions. Each of these configurations (2, 3, or 4 sessions per month) cost $350 per month. Other options include $275 per month for 1.5 hours or $500 per month for 3 hours.

If you are looking to commit to your dreams and want a little extra help along the way, you can choose a more personalized option of up to 4 hours each month of planned session time with additional access to me via *text or **phone (12 PM -12 AM, 7 days a week) for as-needed guidance. This option is great for those wanting a more personalized experience or entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

* The sorts of texts I receive are typically from clients needing a little extra motivation, encouragement, or sounding board.

**The kinds of calls I typically receive are when clients are looking for a trusted partner to help them when they are at a crossroads or when they worry they might have lost their way. For example clients often contact me when they travel. It’s common for them to seek guidance when they have been presented with what they think may be an opportunity - like after an interview or a chance meeting. Alternately they may have a new perspective once out of their every-day environment - which might be invigorating or unsettling - prompting them to seek help in processing their experience.


What do coaching sessions focus on?

Our time together is focused on your future with your dreams defining our agenda. I will help you see how great and capable you are. You will plan, and act, and reflect, but most importantly you will grow and learn. You will understand yourself better, and find methods for building happiness into your daily life while working towards achieving your dreams.