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Ever wonder if you are doing enough?...

If you are challenging yourself enough? If you are fulfilling your creative potential? I’m here to help you - I’m basically obsessed with it. I want to help you find your creative spark and light the world on fire with it. I want you to burn down all the expectations others have placed on you and help you find yourself and your creative voice. Most importantly - I want to help you make a commitment to your future self and help you make good on that promise!

I’ve been creating visions of the future, and the systems to get there, for my entire career - like designing new ways to build shoes, to own cars, to use public space, to foster community on the NYC subway - to name a few. In short I'm a professional instigator, I provoke the present to create the future - basically I’m a fire-starter. I challenge assumptions and help people and organizations become their very best, sometimes despite themselves. This is just who I am, who I have always been - fiercely independent, as any child of bikers would be, and always looking for a challenge. I was the kid with high test scores that couldn’t understand why anyone would bother actually going to school on the regular. I willed college to happen - paying my way through three degrees. I received my first (big time) job offer after presenting a future vision focused on the needs of the public and the criticality of corporate responsibility - a man in a suit approached, extended his hand, and said, “You are the kind of person we love to hate, consider this a job offer.” I’ve been lighting creative fires ever since.

I live in Brooklyn, frequent far too many coffee shops, stay up late watching the Twilight Zone, and sometimes I can be found drawing aggressively cute illustrations.